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Q: ††† Iím unable to store the address or enter data in the booking screen?

A:†††† Most likely the login expired, the reload function after the page expires doesnít work for all connections.

Sometimes the firewall of the network prevents to resume the session.

An interrupted internet connection is also a known cause of this error.

†††††††† The only solution to proceed is to login again on uBook.


Q: ††† I only see ďother courierĒ as an available service?

This can be caused by several reasons.

The address is incomplete and couriers canít offer based on the information provided.

The weight or dimensions are too high for Express Service.

The courier doesnít provide services on the selected destination.

A: ††† Use the Note field in the booking screen to clarify the needed service.

It is possible that the mailroom will contact you to explain what caused the couriers to no quote on your request.


Q:†††† Can my shipment be sent the same day?

A:†††† Documents, if available at the mailroom before 16:00hrs can be sent the same day.

Goods with destination inside the EU,

If available at the mailroom fully packed and ready to be shipped before 16:00hrs can be sent the same day.

Goods with destination outside the EU,

These goods need additional documents to be made by your Finance department and the Customs department.

Therefore the mailroom needs to provide them with an export request,

this request can only be done from the moment when the parcel is fully packed.

The finance department has a cut off time of 13:00hrs.

So for most goods that need to be sent outside the EU it is best to calculate a day of delay before it is being sent.

(Because the goods are already announced by customs the total transit time will be shorter because the customs delay will be limited)


Q:†††† I only see a service offered by DHL or FedEx but not both?

A:†††† Please look for any errors above the offered services, couriers can give back feedback why they canít offer you a service.

Adjust this and try again. If there is no error displayed only one carrier can provide the service.


Q:†††† Wat are the most common errors in the address?

A:†††† The UK, Canada and the Netherlands have postal codes with numbers and letters combined.

Most other countries only have numbers is in the postal code,

do not include the first letters of the country as this will result in an error of an unknown postal code.

If the country doesnít have a postal code or it isnít needed than it will be an optional field,

in all other cases the postal code is mandatory.

†††††††† Worldwide not all systems have the same fields available, not all countries have 3 address lines and a city line available.

In those cases using address line 3 gives an error (unknown city) when requesting for available services.

Leaving address 3 blank will solve the error.

South Korea recently addusted their 6-digit combination to a new 5-digit combination.

Only the new postal codes can be used.


Q:†††† How many characters can the address or company be?

A:††† The company name and address can be up to 35 characters. uBook will give notice if you exceed the value.

Q:†††† A phone number of the recipient is mandatory?

A:†††† The phone number of the receiver is needed for all shipments, if only a mobile phone is known please fill it in on the Phone Number field. Not being able to contact the receiver will result in extra costs and delay.


Q:†††† Do I need to fill in the contents of the shipment?

A:†††† When you are shipping documents the contents automatically will be documents.

If you want to ship goods change Contents type to Non Documents and specify the contents.

(This field only requires a global description like electronic parts)


Q:†††† Where is the tracking number?

A:†††† Tracking numbers can be found in uBook.

There a no emails sent from out uBook, at the moment a shipment is ready for shipping

the tracking number will be visible in the My Booking screen.

When you click My Booking on the top menu-bar you will get an overview of all your shipments.

In this overview you can see the live status off all your shipments.

When you click the††button to see the detailed information incl. proof of delivery.


Still facing problems using uBook than feel free to contact us...